Music From Our Past

The Rocky Mountain Express: Karl Peck’s old band
The Night Riders: Perry Ekker’s old band
Axiom: Doug Grant’s old band
S.A.F.: Brian Peck’s old band


Perry’s website:

Doug’s website:


Here’s a video of BP’s old band performing a cover of the Renegade Saints’ song “Deep End” at Lollapotato in 1996 with KP on lead guitar.

And here’s some early Hecktor Pecktor filmed at our family reunion at Wallowa Lake, OR with Steve Anderson on drums and Jennifer Nagano on bass.

Perry Ekker with The Canyonlanders in 1965

Karl Peck & Victor Perez with Rocky Mountain Express in 1982

Doug Grant with Axiom

Brian Peck with Smooth Audio Flow in 1995



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